Pacific Water

- Demonstrate to her environmental engineering students how one can take what they learned in the classroom and develop a business model out of it, exposing them to engineering entrepreneurship,
- Use her knowledge and expertise to design & build water treatment systems that benefit communities that need good quality water, and
- Minimize the use of plastics through alternative, sustainable business practices that consider society, environment, and economics. 

Innovation is one of our core pillars and at Pacific Water our goal is to provide innovative water products and services that are cost-effective, that deliver results, and add value.

Pacific Water offers professional consulting services and water products and services through our flagship retail store in Alliance, OH.

Founded in January 2016 by Dr. Helen Muga, a trained chemical and environmental engineer, Pacific Water was born out of a need to:

- Expose her environmental engineering students to the importance of water in the 21st Century - bringing the real-world to the classroom (to her students), and bringing the classroom to the real-world (educating her clients and the community),

Our Story


This is a great idea and it's done in a socially responsible way. Good Work!!
Steve Kramer

Alliance, Ohio

Nice Place! very friendly and knowledgeable. They even sanitize your bottles!
Janet Kinsley
Alliance, Ohio

Great establishment and wonderful product. Check them out!
Arisha Williams
Alliance, Ohio


Our Team

Pacific Water staff are trained engineers & scientists specializing in water & wastewater treatment/filtration processes, air pollution control systems, solid waste management, and environmental services. At Pacific Water you are in good hands!

Our water product offerings and services include: water treatment and filtration systems for residential (including well-water), commercial (hospitals, universities, restaurants), and industrial clients.  Through our flagship store, we also offer alkaline & reservice osmosis water, water testing, installation of systems, water testing and analysis. 

We also offer professional consulting services in engineering and environmental services.  Our team are trained professionals with a background in engineering and science.  We have a comprehensive understanding and expertise in the areas of water and wastewater treatment and design, air/gas and solids separation processes, solid waste management, regulatory requirements, environmental site assessment Phase 1 and Phase II, and preliminary feasibility studies. 

Pacific Water is a woman-owned business and a proponent of encouraging, engaging, and exposing women and minorities to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). 

Pacific Water is a socially responsible company that embeds sustainability practices (people, prosperity, planet) into its business model.  Pacific Water donates some of its resources to water, renewable energy, and education projects in developing countries. 

Pacific Water works with clients domestically and internationally to solve their water problems and to provide quality water.  When our customers win, we win.  

Pacific Water aspires to create a world where current and future generations have access to clean, fresh, tasting water.